Who will care for you?

Family caregiving is a labor of love, but who will help you carry this load?

Stretched Too Thin?

Is daily life so full you rarely find time to unwind? Needing a way forward?

Overwhelmed with life?

Do you feel stretched to a breaking point? Stress and tension seem too much?

Personal time a dream?

Feeling unprepared for family caregiving? Want to live with radiant confidence?

Family caregivers often face a “perfect storm” of life circumstances. We support them in the storm with coaching and training.

We help heroic women who feel stretched beyond their time, energy, and income.


A happy heart

“Cynthia is a lovely lady with a quiet but powerful voice. She is dedicated to her life’s calling and thoroughly enjoys helping the people she works with. Cynthia has a background of serving families, churches, and communities in the USA as well as other countries. I enjoy being with her and always leave with a happy heart.”

Clarity and strength

“When we began our sessions together, I was doubtful if anything positive could happen, but I was desperate for something or someone to alleviate my suffering and stress levels. With your thoughtful guidance, I have gained so much clarity and strength – I know myself so much more. Thank you for guiding me through this restorative process.”

Grace and ease

I highly recommend Cynthia Watke as a coach. She has a serving heart and will work with you so that you no longer feel like your world is out of control. You will feel cared for as if you are family due to your rediscovered strength. Give yourself the gift of grace and balance. – Cori Stuart, Holistic Healer


Tribe Careiance…a community of women serving women: women encouraging and supporting one another in the journey.


In community, we have the capacity to be aware of, control, and express our emotions, and to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically.


Women from every conceivable background and situation can access and adapt creative caregiving tips & exercises to their own needs and the needs of those they care for. Creativity encouraged! Creativity rules!


Growing and learning together fills us with energy, compassion, and renewed strength to take appropriate action and risks in relationships, self-transformation, and caring for others.

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