Feeling stressed and overwhelmed as a family caregiver?

Course 1: How to Feel Hopeful and Relieve Stress

Are you feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and stretched thin?

You need support to carry you through the perfect storm of life as a family caregiver.

How to Feel Hopeful and Relieve Stress! offers six reasons (or ways) to treat yourself with compassion and feel confident. Our new video-based course contains six modules, with three lessons in each module to help you feel compassion, loving-kindness, and balance.



Module 1: Restore inner peace

Module 2: Emotional agility

Module 3: A Positive Focus

Practical Focus



Module 5: Build your network

Module 6: An oasis of calm

Emotional Focus


In module one, we introduce you to practices that restore emotional equilibrium amid your complicated life. First, learn about the proven power of being kind to yourself, of showing yourself compassion.

Secondly, you will find that relationships improve as you can bring a new level of compassion to yourself and others.

Finally, learn how goodness, gratitude, and other values strengthen you. Resilience and courage to weather the storms and challenges you confront.


In module two, you will take an in-depth look at emotional agility and resilience by discussing emotions, thoughts, and behaviors.

You will learn how to hold emotions loosely by accepting your feelings with curiosity and self-compassion.

Together, we will take a look at the dark emotional hooks that catch us unawares at times. You’ll flip the discussion to some of the upsides of negative emotions. And, lastly, you will circle back to self-compassion and compassion for others.




As we round out the emotional focus, in module three, you will consider ways to deal effectively with challenging experiences.

We will look at compassion fatigue, with the worries, regrets, and bitter experiences that cause it. You will learn how to extend mercy and loving-kindness to yourself and your loved ones.

And finally, we will celebrate the human experience of opening our hearts and minds to one another.


Practical Focus

Experience Wholeness

In module four, we switch gears a little and take a more pragmatic approach.

First, you will learn how to step out and away from the emotional hooks that hinder growth. Then, practice seeing your world differently with mindful living and creating space for wholeness.

Third, take a hard look at the massive impact of grief and loss. How people respond to pain in different ways, and practical steps to get through this deep hurt.

build your network

In module five, we turn to practical ways to build your support network. First, you will focus on how to survive a family crisis successfully.

Secondly, establish, or re-establish, your network and create effective communication systems. You will explore resources and identify methods that work for your family.

Finally, address practical and emotional strategies to address the effects of family caregiving and loss on the children and youth of your family.

an oasis of calm

In module six, you will begin to create an oasis of calm in the storm. We discuss how to avoid compassion burnout and situations in life that cause it.

Embark on a consistent practice of mindfulness through regular and innovative meditation. Learn accessible, step-by-step methods to build a sense of presence.

Third, learn seven grounding techniques for calming yourself down quickly to maintain your oasis of calm.