What should we do when we’re overwhelmed? 

Overwhelmed and anxious about the pressure of this week’s responsibilities?

Your dilemma of how to handle emotions of overwhelm and anxiety is so common. I too find myself in that state all too often.

When I do, I take a few minutes to sit with myself, to center, and reflect on the strength I find within and from the eternal power of God, of the universe.

Recently, I was introduced to a short breath modality that helps me reach a state of calm. It is so simple.

Take 4 rapid breaths, inhaling and exhaling through the nose, and then a long, slow inhale, hold for a second and exhale slowly. Do four sets of these at one time, and then return to breathing normally. Very calming and seems to reset the anxiety level. And then reflect on the truth that you live in the present moment, not the past or the future.

Think about each responsibility you face this week and choose a couple of family members or friends to calmly approach for support and help.

Making the decision to ask them for help, out of a place of calm composure, will be good practice. You don’t have to be Super Girl every week.